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This is KOVA. The harmony between calm and storm, monochrome and multicolour, simplicity and intricacy.

KOVA is a branding agency founded to visualise a better future through authentic connections. A world where people who inspire impact are enabled. KOVA contributes to this future by crafting brand identities that balance the founder’s perception of their own brand with creative choices resonating with their ideal customers. This equilibrium ensures impactful brands receive the rightful attention they deserve.

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Brand Research

Brand research is the act of investigating the various aspects of a startup or longstanding brand to gain insights that will form the basis of our branding process. The goal of all this research is to form actionable insight that can positively shape and grow our client’s brand value. Brand research is how we take the guesswork away from decision-making when it comes to brand building.

+ Competitor Analysis

+ Brand Perception Survey


Brand Positioning

In this part of our branding process, we will set our client’s brand apart from their competitor. Whether our client is a hospitality brand or tech startup, this process will involve uncovering their ideal customers and crafting a positioning framework around their unique selling points. By understanding where our client’s businesses are positioned in the market, founders will better understand their customers’ needs, desires and frustrations.

+ Customer Persona

+ Brand Point Of Difference


Brand Messaging

From marketing to hiring, a well-defined brand message will eliminate confusion within, making it easier to attract people — either customers, investors or employees — who share the same values as our business owners. We will identify why their business exists, how their brand plans to achieve a better future and the principles guiding their brand in attaining success.

+ Brand Core (Purpose, Mission & Values)

+ Brand Voice


Brand Visualisation

As a culmination of the previous steps, our designers will translate brand purpose, values, name and tagline to visuals aligned to brands in the hospitality, tech or startup scene. We are mindful that we are not designing for a brand per se — but for the people who interact with your brand. There is a science to good design, and we nail that in this final step.

+ Mood Board

+ Colour Palette

+ Primary & Secondary Logos

+ Typography

+ Brand Elements


The marketplace is growing ever more competitive.

Our portfolio is a curation of unique brand identities across diverse industries from web3 to travel and hospitality. Beyond their superficial differences, these brands benefited from our design philosophy of balancing traditions and emerging trends to remain relevant in today’s competitive business environment.

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