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Brand visualisation is often the first priority every founder seeks out when starting their branding journey. While KOVA offers a holistic brand strategy that includes business transformation and workplace strategy, we recognise that not all businesses need it immediately.

Our founder-focused brand visualisation approach offers only what is essential for any go-to-market strategy, which often includes a logo, mood board, colour palette, and typography. This culminates in a comprehensive guideline with sample designs and templates for founders to execute their new brand assets.

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The first step to kickstarting your branding process involves a discovery session and deep dive to learn everything about your brand, who your competitors are, and where you want to be. We explore what is most important to your brand stakeholders.

Your mood board sets the overall aesthetic of your brand. You will be able to refer to your mood board for photography inspiration, ideas for marketing collaterals, social media campaigns and visuals-related business creations.





Colours are crucial in your branding because this is where the first impression of customers is based. Colours are more than a visual aid because they convey emotions, feelings and experiences that increase brand recognition.



Typography is the style and way of presentation of the text. Typography enables you to create a particular context and have a certain personality. Your typography helps you to express the personality of your brand.

Your logo acts as a symbol of success and commitment to your customers. It is a combination of text and imagery that tells others the name of your brand and creates a visual symbol that represents your vision.





Visual imagery is an important medium in visual communication. It plays a crucial role in telling stories and building brand recognition. Photos are an impactful tool to ensuring your brand maintains its intended image and impression.



Design principles work together to create a brand that is visually appealing and makes sense to the user. This step lays out how our selected principles support, reinforce and contrast with each other to create desired brand impact.

Brand collaterals ensure that you obtain immediate and applicable material from your branding exercise towards implementing it to your business’ day-to-day operations. It is an important consolidation exercise that allows you to see how all your brand elements come together. 





This would be the typical amount we charge for a brand visualisation project. This process spans a period of 8 weeks, with additional hours billed after.



We collect 50% of the payment to kickstart our project, and the other 50% after 30 calendar days or upon completion of the logotype, whichever is earlier. We also support a variety of payment methods.


The brand visualisation project runs on an 8 week timeframe to ensure all deliverables are completed. During this 8-week period, active involvement is needed to ensure the project runs productively. If the project elapses, additional hours will be billed at our hourly rate.


We use a mix of physical meetings (if based in Singapore), video calls and WhatsApp messaging to maintain an ongoing channel of communication throughout the project duration. These channels will not be deleted after the project is completed.


We do not stipulate a fixed amount of edits as we only want to produce content that you are satisfied with. Instead, our process runs along a fixed 8-week timeline where all additional requests for edits/design changes will be billed at our hourly rate.

The approach laid out above highlights our brand visualisation approach, ideal for founders needing a brand visual identity within a short timeframe. 

Our second offering, a management/strategy process, provides ongoing brand strategy and consulting support to establish your digital presence consistently and improve your overall brand experience.


The marketplace is growing ever more competitive.

Our portfolio is a curation of unique brand identities across diverse industries from web3 to travel and hospitality. Beyond their superficial differences, these brands benefited from our design philosophy of balancing traditions and emerging trends to remain relevant in today’s competitive business environment.

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