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Casto Clan is a web3 project bringing together a digital community of individuals with a shared interest in quality gin. From seasoned collectors and enthusiasts to web3 natives and the crypto-curious, the brand aims to welcome individuals who appreciate a good time over sharing quality drink. We collaborated to build a brand identity to launch this web3 community.


Santorini, Greece


Art Direction, Web3 Branding



casto clan pr material

Heavily inspired by the transience of nature and waves of the ocean, we developed a brand identity reflective of calmness and tranquility, juxtaposing the ever-evolving industry of web3 that Casto is a part of.

Blues = Stability, Harmony, Trust
Whites = Purity, Sophistication, Efficiency
Black = Luxury, Exclusivity, Affluence

casto clan poster design

The selection of deep blues was a deliberate choice to instil an organic quality to the brand. Blues reflect Casto’s brand values of stability, harmony and trust, while white reflects purity, sophistication and efficiency. Alternatively, black adds character to the Casto brand, teasing out Casto’s culture of luxury and exclusivity.

casto clan bottle label design
casto clan brand pattern

As homage to gin’s raw ingredient of juniper berries, we also played with alternating geometry that subtly reflects the outline of berries in a 2-dimensional multi-panelled feature, a repeatable brand pattern.

In the conceptualisation of Casto’s digital collaterals, a deep dive into competitor trends were first performed. This resulted in a unique culmination of work that reflects hospitality, invitation and a rootedness in reality.

casto clan mobile website

We felt it imperative to create a brand that was approachable, utilising elements that welcome non web3 natives into the space. Design holds social value in influencing society. Through this, we are opening up this industry to greater society for wider adoption as a means to improve our world through web3 technology.

casto clan namecard design
casto clan desktop website

While many web3 brands and websites feature heavy utilisation of bright colours, gradients and futuristic elements to showcase their relevance in web3, we decided to embrace simplicity and an appreciation for Nordic and Cycladic minimalism, as reflected through the subtleties of Casto’s brand posters and site design.

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