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Founded on a central goal of providing value to travellers visiting Asia’s tours and attractions, City Tours is an international activity provider offering flexible experiences for a day out in the city. The company approached us wanting a rebrand for their existing visuals. We worked to develop a brand identity inspired by pictographic identities and linear illustrations depicting modern-day transport.


Singapore, Singapore


Art Direction, Hospitality Branding, Hospitality Collateral Design



city tours primary logo

The visual language of the City Tours brand identity encapsulates geometric shapes and linear elements to create representations of everyday life in the city. Transcending language, the easy recognition of universal road signs and depictions of nature create a unified cross-cultural identity.

city tours brand guideline

A visual identity needs to simultaneously identify and mark a difference. Pictographic identities of nature and roads were selected as a big part of City Tours’ rebrand. The environment and its elements of water, rock, terrain and weather are distilled into simple icons, while road signs represent another essential component of busy city life. Linear illustrations follow roads and transport routes, much like a map.

city tours brand elements
city tours brand collaterals

A vibrant yet muted palette was selected, a nod to modern-day play in the city; an acknowledgement that pockets of fun abound amidst Singapore’s concrete jungle.

In the conceptualisation of City’s digital collaterals, a monochromatic colour scheme brings attention to the colourful city sky scape. The brand’s vision is highlighted to instil a personalised quality to its online presence.

city tours desktop website

Mobile-optimised collaterals were a priority for this project. From guides to booking confirmations, we opted for simple yet convenient designs that highlight the vibrance of Singapore and Southeast Asia.

city tours mobile website
city tours instagram design

Through geometric frames, one is able to see the patterns of a city. These repeatable elements create visual distinctiveness, fostering brand recognition. A lighthearted quality transcends the City Tours branding project, attracting both young and old with the same goal of touring one through life’s special moments, one experience at a time.

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