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Coral Living was born to breathe life into every home. The brand believes that homes are where one feels most rooted,  where we weave our many emotional needs into daily life. This project involved developing a brand that weaves in elements of East and West, comprising a holistic identity indicative of contemporary design yet paying homage to the brand’s Asian roots.


Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai


Art Direction, Brand Identity, Brand Activation



coral living primary logo

Shan approached us wanting a complete brand identity for this up-and-coming interior design and furniture brand. As a Chinese national who lives between Singapore and Sydney, she wanted to weave in elements of East and West, comprising a brand identity indicative of contemporary design yet paying homage to her Asian roots.

coral living namecard

In conceptualising the logos for Coral Living, we opted for a rendition that subtly showcases the irregularity of corals in the ocean, seen through the sliced ‘O’ that presents a memorable and stylistic curvature to the name. Two inked stamps flank the logo, reading ‘Shan Hu’, a direct translation of corals in mandarin. Shan chose the name Coral Living as her name translates to the word ‘Coral’, adding depth and personalisation to the brand. She chose this name to reflect herself in it.

coral living alternative logos
coral living brand element

Most apartments built today rarely convey a sense of comfort. Homes are increasingly created to maximise space and real estate, building cold environments that fail to inspire its inhabitants.

In developing the Coral Living brand, we utilised colour to breathe life into the visual identity. An ultramarine shade of blue functions as the brand’s pop of colour, adding character and depth to the brand.

coral living colour palette

The minimal, essentialist conceptions of the logos are contrasted with bold colour selections to reflect Coral Living’s design philosophy of creating spaces that are simple yet stylish, sustainable yet sleek.

coral living brand element
coral living desktop website

Using alternative shades of blue and brown, Coral Living’s brand values of sustainability and wellbeing are showcased. This displays an elevated state of lifestyle through efficient design that responds to future environmental needs. We place comfort, the organic and the biological back into a home - the very purpose that has been lost with time and modernity.

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