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Gravity is elevating the institutional cryptocurrency trading experience. Connecting investors to opportunity, the brand aims to enable change in the digital asset economy. This project involved conceptualising a brand identity that combines the professionalism of traditional finance with the dynamism of web3, creating a brand that is both minimal and modern with contemporary relevance.


Singapore, Singapore


Art Direction, Brand Identity



gravity group desktop website

The visual language of the Gravity brand involved the establishment of trust and transparency amid the turbulent world of web3. We wanted a brand that felt weighted, impactful and timeless. ‘Monochrome with a pop of colour’, the brand phrase that transcends all of Gravity’s collaterals are used to inject life and character into the world of institutional finance. 

gravity group primary logo

A playful twist on the brand logo was performed. In a unique combination of text and imagery, the Gravity wordmark establishes inverted symmetry through the letters A and V which is further extracted out to form the brand icon. Simple lined strokes frame the logo architecture, rendering an essentialist and sophisticated quality to the brand’s visual language.

gravity group business card
gravity group primary logo

The construction of blended colours to create gradual transitions from one colour to another produces an illusion of depth and three-dimensional space; virtual environments where activity roams.

Distinctive and memorable design is the bedrock of web3 and blockchain visual language. In this confluence of light, space and art, a gradient represents a consistent and replicable brand element that fosters brand recognition. The pop of yellow further complements the monochromatic quality of the brand.

gravity group branding collateral

In establishing Gravity’s online presence, clarity and simplicity were prioritised to disseminate information and value through virtual mediums. The strategic use of alternating font sizes, lines and intersecting shapes draw attention to the brand copy, guiding users down the site.

gravity group mobile website
gravity group desktop website

The outcome of every branding project is to move behaviour away from confusion and towards clarity. The essence of this brand strategy involved conceptualising an identity that brought users away from the noise and uncertainty of web3 and distilling this into distinctive and memorable culture.

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