Lower your OTA commissions & increase direct bookings in 48 hours.

Stop relying on overseas travel agencies (OTA) who do not have your hotel's best interest at heart. With prospective guests relying more on social media, emails and blog posts to plan their travels, it is time to optimise your website for Google search.

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Increase direct bookings without OTA commissions

Attract ideal prospective guests that turn into repeat bookings

Experience the best of marketing and design aesthetics

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If overseas travel agencies are gone tomorrow, your hotel will not be able to get the attention of prospective guests

To be overlooked by prospective guests for more established hospitality brands simply due to their extensive digital presence

To feel frustrated with marketing agencies that lack an understanding of the importance of design aesthetic when crafting marketing collaterals

To worry about your hotel's inability to accommodate the new landscape of travellers and changing consumer preferences

To be exhausted with the countless agencies and marketing strategies that are not able to attract you ideal guests who value your service

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Effortlessly increase direct bookings and revenue from loyal guests without reliance on travel agencies but from Digital Marketing


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At KOVA Collective, we know that it is difficult to stand out in a saturated industry. To do that, you need a team of experts in branding, design and marketing. The problem is that many agencies lack the proper expertise to market your hotel online.

We know from experience working with 26 international brands that you need the best marketing and design aesthetics to attract your ideal guests.

As a hotel owner, it's your job to worry about the service you provide and your guests' experience. Our job is to attract your ideal guest by implementing the latest industry practices for design and digital marketing.

Here’s how it works: 1. Schedule your free strategy call, 2. Receive your optimised visual identity, 3. Execute marketing strategies to attract more prospective guests.

So, book your strategy call now. The hospitality industry will only get more saturated.

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It was a pleasant experience working with KOVA Collective. They were sensitive to our business needs and provided relevant recommendations for the brand. They also understood our requirements and the video that KOVA Collective produced for us was aligned to our brand. I will recommend getting your hospitality needs met by KOVA Collective.

Atiqah Zulkifflin, Sales & Marketing Manager of Heritage Collection



With qualified expertise in design and SEO, our team will craft and manage your website to attract your ideal guests.


Our results-driven digital marketing strategies will generate your hotel prospective guest that turns into direct booking.


Our team is made up of experts in design, branding and marketing but more importantly, we understand the hospitality industry.


Having worked with international brands from different industries, we implement the best of marketing and design aesthetics.

Our Promise

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Branding & Web Development

How we do it?

Did you know that it only takes a guest 7 seconds to form an impression of your hotel? With brand strategy and an optimised website, we will be able to take control of your client's perspective of your hotel. Furthermore, branding will allow us to position you as an industry leader, where guests pay more to experience your hospitality.

  • Responsive design

  • UX & Conversion Optimization

  • Scheduling Engine Integration

  • Dynamic content

  • Landing pages

Content Creation

How we do it?

From blog post curation to photography, content is essential for brand positioning and SEO ranking. As such, producing content that is consistent with your hotel and follows brand guidelines across every channel will differentiate you from your competitors and attracts more prospective guests.

  • Photo Retouching & Colour Treatment

  • Conceptualise Campaign Photo & Video Shoots

  • On-set Photography or Videography

  • Editing of Short-form Videos

Social Media Management

With more than 54% of social media users using social media to plan their travels, you cannot afford not to have an online presence. We provide a comprehensive marketing plan from content ideation to copywriting for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Also, unlike most agencies, we complete organic marketing strategies for our hotel clients, building an engaged community.

How we do it?

  • Monthly Content Calendar

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Optimised Hashtag Depository

  • Social Media Content Pillars

  • Instagram Story Highlight Icons