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This 33-suite retreat on the island of Paros is characterised by its distinct architecture and interiors. Inspired by organic Cycladic architecture, we proceeded to complete a re-imagination of the property’s existing branding, breathing a fresh new look to this Greek estate just in time for the summer of 2021.


Paros, Greece


Identity and Branding, 
Print Design



parilio hotel primary logo

Cycladic inspiration and influences are reflected throughout Parilio, the name of which is derived from ‘Paros’ and the Greek word for the sun ‘ilios’. We decided to select a monochromatic colour scheme to bring attention and light to the natural beauty of the property and its surrounding elements.

parilio hotel namecard design

The brand elements complement what the hotel represents, going beyond mere visuals to create a holistic identity that reflects the hallmark of Greek hospitality. In crafting an appropriate direction for Parilio’s business cards, a minimal yet bold and impactful brand style was selected, beckoning the modern traveller. 

parilio hotel mobile website
parilio hotel brand element

Subtle tonalities are introduced to add texture and depth, creating an element of mystery that is open to interpretation to each visitor passing through the doors of Parilio.

Spa and wellness service guides add a touch of personalised care, enabling every traveller to experience Greek wellness and beauty. Muted tones were selected to draw attention to the typography, enabling each individual to be present in the moment and practice focus on the essential.

parilio hotel spa menu design

Two sets of door handle signage in inverted colour stories were selected to evoke opposing emotions of privacy versus invitation. A unique spin on the brand logo was performed, taking the hotel’s initials to create a key sign that serves to figuratively open the door into one’s holiday abode.

parilio hotel door signage design
parilio hotel desktop website

The website homepage design is a culmination of Greek Cycladic archetypes and a homage to Mediterranean styles. Simple yet alluring, a collection of the property’s best are showcased on the homepage, tantalising every online visitor.

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