4 Website Copywriting Practices For Interior Designers.

You have mastered the coveted field of interior design, supporting many other businesses and families using your creative expertise.

Previously, you could rely on your expertise alone to make ends meet until the pandemic made the situation tough. Now, you realise that word-of-mouth is unreliable and not suitable to scale your small business.

It is not the same as before. And we all know it.

Now that marketing your services online is the need of the hour, you may have already created a simple website, opened a few social media accounts, contacted past clients, and waited for ideal clients to come rolling in.

Except that did not happen.

The most likely reason why you are not attracting your ideal clients is due to your copywriting.

To remove any misconception you may have about copywriting, copywriting is writing text with a very specific agenda.

  1. To advertise your service.

  2. To get people to take the desired action (in other words, request a quote after visiting your website).

Now that you understand why your ideal clients are not booking a consultation call with you, let me share with you what are the 4 strategies you can implement immediately to stand out from your competitors.

Optimise your website copy for SEO

According to recent estimates, there are roughly 252,000 new websites created every day. This means it is increasingly harder for your interior design business to appear in front of your ideal clients.

Keyword research, Backlinks, Internal Links, HTML and Meta descriptions might sound like a random collection of letters but it really is important to consider when driving traffic to your website.

A good strategy that we actively implement for our clients is The Explanatory Paragraph by Donald Miller. While there are frequent changes to SEO algorithms, including long-form text using words that market your service helps. It also allows your potential clients to feel as if they have completed their research before booking a consultation call with you.

This is not an opportunity for you to ramble on about your accomplishments. Instead, you should be focused on inviting your potential client into a ‘story’. By the end of reading The Explanatory Paragraph, your potential client should be aware of what has been troubling them and what steps they will need to take to overcome them.

A good copywriter should be trained to meet SEO requirements and be capable of writing with the goal of driving traffic to your website and converting that traffic into paying clients.

Are you overwhelmed by SEO? Schedule a call with us today to receive a complete checklist of the best on-page SEO practices for interior designers. Your competitors have their website copywriting optimised for Google.

Writing engaging and well-researched blogs

After attracting your ideal clients to visit your website, you will need to make them trust you. A simple strategy to build trust between your potential client and your business is to provide them with valuable content regularly. This signals to them that you have the relevant expertise to solve the problems they may have as it relates to their business.

This confidence will convert your readers into loyal followers and finally into your paying clients. That being said, you will need to understand what your potential clients are interested in. Find out what topics your audience cares most about and create blogs surrounding these topics.

When crafting a catchy headline to entice your potential client to check your blogs, you can use Headline Generator - a free website that generates 700 headlines with one click. All you have to do is input the keyword or phrase that you wish to demonstrate your expertise in.

Do not have the time to brainstorm some relevant blog headlines that your target audience might be interested in? Here are some to get you started:

  • World Class Tools That Makes RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN Easy

  • What Everyone Must Know About HOSPITALITY INTERIOR DESIGN

  • Want A Thriving Business? Focus On INTERIOR DESIGN

Creating an eager want with storytelling

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

There is a time for images, and there is a time for words, but more often than not, a balance between both works the best. When it comes to showcasing your previous projects, a combination of images and words is crucial for converting your website visitor to a paying client.

Renderings or pictures of the final space alone is not enough. They simply show the results but not the process and the challenges your clients faced. By showcasing these problems, you are demonstrating your expertise to turn your client’s dreams into a reality.

This is powerful.

People come to you with problems and dreams. By sharing your process, your way of working and the step-by-step journey, you inspire your potential clients to imagine what you can do for them.

Are you in dire need of updating your interior design photography? Schedule a call with our photographers at KOVA Collective to produce visuals that are consistent with your business and follows brand guidelines across every channel.

Writing without the fluff

Writing well is as important as storytelling.

Keep it simple.

Greater numbers of characters on your website does not mean better writing. It is often the exact opposite. From our experience working with interior designers in different industries, they benefit from getting their point across with the least amount of words possible.

It is also worthy to note that your potential clients have limited time to spare.

They are individuals with other commitments. They want to quickly make sense of how your services relate to their world. Remember, people move towards clarity and away from confusion. Similarly, you want your writing to sound just as how you speak. So, unless you are using ‘bespoke’ in your everyday conversations, you are going to need to limit its usage.

Best Website Copywriting Practices for Interior Designers

So you see, expertly crafted copywriting will get your ideal clients to flock towards your service and actually want to work with you. You can talk about your business all day, but writing about it can be tough because convincing your potential clients with written words is not your forte. But you do not need to market your services alone, let our team of experts help you stand out from your competitors today.

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