5 Morning Routine Habits To Make An Impact On Your Branding Agency.

Managing your own online business can be tough. You have clients to network with, team members to manage and services to offer. When we first started KOVA Collective, we were not sure if we were up to the challenge. It was not uncommon for us to ask ourselves on Friday 'what have we actually managed to accomplish this week'. But over months of travelling abroad, we have developed a few morning routine habits that have allowed us to remain focused regardless of our physical location. These habits have allowed us to scale our branding agency to new heights.

I acknowledge that there is no silver bullet for morning routines (if any blog claims that there is a one-size-fits-all solution, they are lying). Instead, I will be sharing some common habits productive (and arguably successful) individuals do daily. I will then share how I start my day personally, so you will get a better idea of where to start.

Waking up at the right time

No, you do not need to wake up at 5 am in order to be productive. Trust me, I have tried waking up at 5 am for a week, and by Thursday I was calling it quits. Contrary to popular depictions of a successful entrepreneur, it is not necessary for you to wake up early to have a productive day. Instead, you should consider your natural circadian rhythm.

What does that mean? Simply put, your body knows what it should be doing and when (source). The most important thing is not about what time you get out of bed, but being aligned with your own natural body clock for a productive routine. So there is no need for you to force yourself to sleep early if you are not tired before midnight.

As Mike Vardy, a motivational speaker mentioned on his social media, “Look, I’m a night owl – and proud of it. Why? Because despite having many say that my sleeping habits make me less likely to achieve, I prove them wrong. I don’t just do that every once in awhile. I do it every single day.” (source)

It is better to get out of bed when your body is ready rather than forcing yourself. That will simply lead to burnout.

Staying hydrated

'Water is the driving force of all nature', and this includes you. Your choice of beverage matters: Drinking water not only in the morning but throughout the day has proven to provide you lasting energy throughout the day and increase your productivity (source). So, before you reach for your cup of coffee to jolt your body awake, you might want to drink a glass of water first. You may be surprised at what the immediate effect of gulping down a tall glass of water will do for your body.

Expressing gratitude

Previously, I was not onboard with journaling and expressing thanks. I simply thought that it was unnecessary. But after getting multiple rejections from hospitality clients when we first arrived in Greece, my mental health started to deteriorate. With an open mind, I decided to start journaling every morning with simple prompts sourced through Pinterest.

Over time, I realised that my mood improved and I felt pumped to face the challenges ahead of me. This is not unique to my own experience, a recent study by Harvard found that the simple act of expressing gratitude improves an individual's overall health, increasing the ability to deal with obstacles. This also resulted in improved relationships (source).

Learning something new

Business is ever-changing, especially when you manage an agency. You need to be aware of such changes.

Whether it is learning a new language, listening to podcasts or reading blogs, it is necessary for you to develop a habit of being curious and constantly absorbing new knowledge. Also, it provides us with an opportunity to break out of our patterned way of doing things, or a temporary distraction from our daily worries. This should energise you for the remainder of your day, ready to handle any obstacles that lie ahead.

Getting a head-start

It is important to eliminate as much decision making in the morning. The thought of making too many decisions in the morning will slow you down and drain your brain for the rest of the day. Thus, if you are able to eliminate as many decision-making activities from your morning as possible, you will have sufficient energy and time to complete your productive morning! This can be accomplished by deciding what you will complete the following day or what you will wear the night before.

With these common productive habits of entrepreneurs in mind, let me share my personal morning routine that I have been practising since travelling around Europe. I hope this will provide you a better idea of how to structure your own morning routine.

What are my habits?

  1. Making my bed

  2. Having a tall glass of water

  3. Making a cup of coffee

  4. Learning Greek on Duolingo

  5. Complete a workout

Again, I do not recommend that you follow my morning routine because this routine has been tailored to me. I assure you that you do not need a robust morning routine to be productive, but it is important for you to set yourself up for success in the morning. Accomplishing simple goals like making the bed or washing your face will build momentum for you to crush any obstacles that may lie ahead. Consistency is key.

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