7 Marketing Strategies Successful Interior Designers Use.

Why do you need digital marketing?

You have mastered the coveted field of interior design but clients are still not approaching you.

You naively thought that your interior design business, like others before you, could rely on recommendations to flourish. Now, you realise that word-of-mouth is unreliable and not suitable to scale your small business.

We know that learning digital marketing for your design services seems cumbersome, but 2020 has transformed the business landscape into a digital one. More consumers are becoming reliant on social media, emails and blog posts for information and recommendations for everything they buy.

This is especially true for interior designers.

Digital marketing allows you to reach a new audience who will otherwise not be interested in your services. Also, apps like Instagram and TikTok allow business owners like yourself to stay connected with your current clients and attract future customers.

After recognising the importance of digital marketing for interior designers, let us discuss some digital marketing strategies that successful interior design businesses use.

7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers:

  1. Developing a User-Friendly & Mobile Responsive Website

  2. Optimising Your Brand for SEO

  3. Start an Interior Design Blog to Showcase Your Expertise

  4. Create an Instagram Business Account to Showcase Your Latest Work

  5. Marketing Your Services on Pinterest

  6. Incorporating Video Content for your Portfolio

  7. Highlighting Positive Customer Reviews


Developing a User-Friendly & Mobile Responsive Website

As interior designers, it is your job to deliver to clients what they want. Some clients may prefer boho and chic, while others may like modern and simplistic designs. But is one really better than the other?

Every client has preferences that make them feel at ease and comfortable. As interior designers, you need to show them that you fully understand their preferences and adapt your own designs according to their creative direction.

With the help of an optimised website, you will be able to demonstrate your implementation of different styles and patterns even before you speak to potential clients.

Also, a website is often the first point where a potential client approaches you.

Like any industry, you will need an effective and easily navigable website that provides information about your brand, your services, customer reviews and contact information.

SEO for your Interior Design Business

According to estimates, there are roughly 252,000 new websites created every day. This means it is increasingly harder for your interior design business to appear in front of relevant search queries by your target audience.

In other words, having just a website to showcase your portfolio is not enough. It has to be optimised for search results. Optimising your content for search engines ensures that when a user searches for information relevant to interior design, your website will be in their top search results.

A key pillar of any SEO strategy would involve keyword research. By determining what keywords your potential client is likely to search, you are able to create more valuable content regarding these keywords, in turn allowing your brand to appear in front of your audience more often.

Are you overwhelmed by SEO? Here are some actionable steps that you can take now on your website to start ranking higher on Google.

  • Optimising your page heading tags: Well-written headers allow users and search engines to understand your website better. A page should only have one primary header with the H1 tag, subsequent headings should either have an H2 or H3 tag to create a hierarchy.

  • Optimising your page title tag: A page's title tag is similar to its heading tags, but the title tag is content displayed on the search engine result page (SERP) while heading tags are for users who are on your site to understand what they are seeing.

  • Optimising your meta description; A meta description is a HTML attribute that summarises your page and appears below your webpage title tag on Google or social media.

  • Optimising your URL; some things to consider are the use of hyphens between words instead of spaces, keeping them short and simple, accurately describing the page content and including primary keywords.

For a complete checklist of the best on-page SEO practices for interior designers, schedule a call with us today. Your competitors have their website optimised for Google.

Blogging for Interior Designers

Another key pillar of any SEO strategy, starting a blog will allow your business to highlight its strength and expertise while ranking well on Google.

It is the best way for you to share your expertise and talent in interior design. Also, being an author of your blog allows your audience to realise how highly experienced you are in your field. While there are tons of possible content you can create, you should always make sure to incorporate your SEO keywords and phrases to attract more traffic.

When crafting a catchy headline to entice your potential client to check your website, you can use Headline Generator - a free website that generates 700 headlines with one click. All you have to do is input the keyword or phrase that you wish to demonstrate your expertise in.

Do not have the time to brainstorm some relevant blog headlines that your target audience might be interested in? Here are some to get you started:

  • World Class Tools That Makes RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN Easy

  • What Everyone Must Know About HOSPITALITY INTERIOR DESIGN

  • Want A Thriving Business? Focus On INTERIOR DESIGN!

Instagram for Interior Designers

With more working adults working from home, there has been a rise in Instagram accounts dedicated to home improvements. This is one of the reasons why residential interior designers should have an Instagram Business account.

For many other interior design firms, Instagram still remains a relevant digital marketing channel. With more than one BILLION active monthly users on its platform, Instagram is an easy platform to attract and engage a larger number of potential clients to your company at a low cost.

Coupled with a good hashtag strategy, you can organically increase your brand awareness to your target audience easily.

Some popular hashtags we use for our hospitality interior designers include:

If you are curious about how you can start generating qualified leads from Instagram, schedule a call with us today for an Instagram marketing crash course.

Pinterest for Interior Designers

Pinterest has been making a splash recently. Known as a ground-breaking social app for anyone who has a hint of creativity in them, getting home decor inspiration is one of the top reasons people use Pinterest.

With more than 459 million monthly active users, it should be part of your social media marketing strategy. Use this app today to broadcast your services to more qualified leads, unlike Instagram or TikTok. With a Pinterest account, you can feature different design styles and patterns. That way you can attract new clients with variable interests.

Incorporating Video Content for your Portfolio

According to the latest studies and research, videos have the highest viewership and conversion rates when it comes to internet surfing. Coupled with social media giants starting to pivot their platforms to host more videos, it is now more important than ever for your interior design business to create more video content.

Also, websites and social media accounts with videos are more likely to catch the attention of viewers compared to those without. This is especially true for the interior design industry where most of your competitors still do not create enough video content.

Creating video content can be a long and drawn-out process, but not with a team of experts. Schedule a call with us today to discover how we can meet your content creation needs.

Highlighting Positive Customer Reviews

In the business of interior design, customer satisfaction and experience is key.

By presenting reviews provided by past clients and information from previous works, this will help to build trust between you and your potential client. It is a great way to market and influence the decision-making process of your viewers and website visitors.

Also, having reviews for your interior design services help attract more qualified leads and allow potential clients to have a clear assessment of your work.


Digital Marketing Strategies for Interior Designers

So you see, digital marketing for interior designers can actually help you expand your small business. At the very least, it will generate quality leads to tie you through trying times. As an interior designer, you have already mastered a field that you love. You do not need to market your services alone, let our team of experts help you stand out from your competitors today.

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