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Sandom Hotel is a 9-room boutique hotel located in the core of Paros Island, Greece. Experience Greek hospitality like no other in this refurbished contemporary building featuring the best of Cycladic archetypes.

Minimal aesthetics, white interiors, endless blue sky, parian marbles, strong Greek sun and a focus on the detail are fundamental characteristics of Sandom’s architectural concept and philosophy.

When Sandom engaged us to curate a visual storytelling identity for the summer 2022 launch, we proceeded to conceptualise a brand campaign to capture the best of the property. Personalising the experience for each visitor was an important brand philosophy of this family-run hotel. From the welcome gifts to the uniquely thought-out room interiors, we wanted to highlight the property's favoured characteristics.

A welcome gift of homemade Greek products greeks each Sandom visitor. A story is beautifully weaved into this gift, featuring timestamps dictating appropriate timings to indulge in each ingredient; 0600 for homemade breakfast jam, 1405 for extra virgin olive oil as a Mediterranean meal staple, 2049 for souma, a digestif sourced from the distillation of local grapes.

Interior design based on elements of nature inspire the decor of each room, with colours chosen to blend in harmony. As opposed to the stereotypical blue of the Cyclades, a bright orange is selected, reminding one of the glory of the rising sun each morning. Finest fabrics illuminate in the natural light leaking in.

The headboard features the time the sun sets in Paros, an innovative way to weave character to each room using the summer solstice and numeric system.

The walls of the master ensuite are clad with matte slabs of slate tiles, complete with a selection of local handmade Greek bath products to pamper every guest. Aesthetic functionality awaits everyone at the Sandom. Whitewashed abodes with rounded corners guard the archetype of the Cycladic form, promising guests a truly Greek island holiday.

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