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Avvenue is designed as a virtual platform creating seamless experiences that bridge reality and imagination for greater brand engagement. The brand offers a novel solution to showcasing new property developments and luxury yacht projects as ultra-realistic immersive experiences. This project involved conceptualising a brand identity and visual communications for the launch of Avvenue.

The brand colours take influence from the palette of nature. Shades representing the sun, sand and sea, features often associated with Avvenue’s virtual immersion experiences, are extracted into the brand palette for a mood that is calm as it is bold. A nod toward the brand’s push for difference.

The visual language of the brand takes heavy inspiration from the thin forms of interior renderings. Designed to complement the brand’s image-heavy influence, the choice of typography is kept essential and intentional, showcasing only what is important. Without competing for visual attention, both type and image mediums each exist to complement the other.

Elevated lifestyle and a keen sensitivity toward the finer things in life capture the imagery of the Avvenue brand identity. A fresh perspective is weaved into the visual direction to capture the intersection between hospitality and technology that culminates in enjoyment.


Brand research
Brand exploration
Logotype design
Typography selection
Brand application
Collateral design

Architecture & Planning
Real Estate




A brand mark is formed through intersecting lines joined to a square. The mark represents the AutoCAD cursor, an application used for creating detailed 3D drawings and synonymous with forming detailed design.

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