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BELIFT is on a mission to revolutionise vertical transportation solutions to elevate the ways in which people live, work, and play. The frustration with the limitations of conventional elevator brands inspired the birth of BELIFT in 2020 — a trailblazer in embracing high-tech solutions for elevators and escalators. We worked to develop a brand identity inspired by high-tech imagery, minimalism and clean design.

The choice of an upward-pointing arrow as the brand’s submark evokes a playful connotation, whilst hinting at the brand’s directionally-upward progress. The arrow also signals the primary service that BELIFT offers, providing vertical transport solutions to individuals and corporations.

Beyond its products, BELIFT stands behind a singular goal of wanting to move people better, elevating the ways in which people live, work and play. Behind this visual identity is a keen sense of lightheartedness and optimism, a unique visual strategy taken for a brand operating in the conservative, time-honoured industry of elevator engineering.

The colour palette is greatly inspired by industrial and tech interiors. Blue is a universal symbol of trust, peace and confidence, relating to the brand’s values of being ahead, creating a brand that will remain timeless. In some ways, the bold pop of blue also represents the brand’s want to be bold and challenge existing norms.


Brand research
Brand positioning
Brand messaging
Logotype design
Typography selection
Brand application
Collateral design
Brand building

Architecture & Planning


2023 - Present


The BELIFT brand identity signals a greater industry shift toward wider acceptance of a more open, creative approach to brand identity. Brands need to be made more authentic, which translates to greater approachability that solves the problems brands are established for the very reasons for.

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