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Paperspace is enabling future ways of work. The brand believes that design is used as a tool to drive innovation and solve organisational problems. Making it its goal to lead change in Southeast Asia for workplace strategy, the brand is co-creating spaces that redefine our way of work through optimising space alongside new demands of hybrid work.

In crafting the brand’s new identity, there was a need to blend facets of old and new, a challenge characteristic of SMEs in Singapore where pre-existing company traditions often collide with contemporary aspirations. We saw a thoughtful and strategic amalgamation as the way forward.

Driven by a mission to build a workplace society where people with different skill sets come together to drive innovation, Paperspace was in need of a brand identity refresh to reflect their values and aspirations post-pandemic.

The choice of a bold ‘pop’ of colour was a deliberate undertaking to introduce colour and character to the design brand. Breathing life into the brand’s hitherto monochromatic palette was crucial in illustrating Paperspace’s shift toward greater creation, innovation and problem solving in the workplace.


Brand research
Brand exploration
Logotype design
Typography selection
Brand application
Collateral design
Web design
Brand management

Architecture & Planning
Management Consulting




Design is a constant exercise on creativity, its power lying in real problem solving. The choice of black as the background colour is indicative of increasing openness toward essentialising identity, creating content that cuts through the noise to showcase only what is important.

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