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UNSTUCK is a unique wellness programme designed for creative beings seeking to reframe thought patterns and reclaim flow in life. Unstuck envisions a world where healing is a part of your larger soul-searching journey, not the destination. We worked together to craft a visual identity and digital strategy in time for the launch of UNSTUCK's programme.

The colour palette is greatly inspired by nature and the organic quality of raw earth. Muted shades of green and pink where selected to evoke a rootedness to natural forms. This is contrasted with monochromatic colour to offer the brand a complete and holistic look in the form of more recognisable colours.

In crafting the visual language of this brand, we wanted to capture the intersection between spirituality, wellness and education. Our work needed to reflect content that people could resonate with, and delivered in a sophisticated yet compelling manner in tandem with the larger wellness community.

Typography design forms a crucial pillar in the brand identity of UNSTUCK. Using the classic Helvetica Neue font, a conscious exercise of capitalisation play was performed, alternating between uppercase and lowercase to create depth and character in informational graphic pieces.


Brand research
Brand positioning
Brand messaging
Logotype design
Typography selection
Brand application
Collateral design
Brand management

Wellness & Fitness




The UNSTUCK brand identity culminates in a meditative exercise that conveys a sense of health, well-being and balance. The key of translating successful wellness brand identity is in its usage of white space, strategic overlapping elements and meaningful typography combinations. These elements collectively convey the brand’s commitment in helping individuals to lead healthier lives.

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